Does Australia need a bill of rights or is the ‘fair go’ ethic a sufficient moral basis for citizens to flourish?
And should we abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission?

About our speakers

Nicholas Carney is a former Executive Officer of the Human Rights Act for Australia campaign. He currently practices as a solicitor at one of Australia’s largest law firms, specialising in banking and finance and corporate restructuring. Nicholas has undertaken secondments for his firm at the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and Westpac Banking Corporation (Asset Structuring). Nicholas is a member of the governing Council of the University of New South Wales and he chairs its Risk Committee.

Nick Cater is National Opinion Editor at The Australian newspaper. He has spent 23 years at News Limited in Adelaide, Canberra and Hong Kong where he worked as a foreign correspondent between 1993 and 1996 and as Editor of The Weekend Australian from 2007-2012. He began his career in broadcasting with the BBC in London. His academic background is in Sociology. Nicks forthcoming book The Lucky Culture, being published by Harper Collins next year, examines the cultural impact of the university-educated middle class in Australia since the1960s.