“Good intentions may be the only material with which we can afford to pave the road to Hell”

Former Premier Bob Carr and Gary Sturgess, ANZSOG Chair in Public Service Delivery at the Australian School of Business will discuss the issue of public service delivery.

Over half a year since Liberal replaced Labor in NSW government, the issue of service delivery is key for the O’Farrell government. However with budgets tight and public expectations high, how will they manage to deliver the goods?

About the speakers

Bob Carr is the longest continuously serving Premier in NewSouth Wales history.

He served as Leader of the Opposition from 1988 until his election as Premier in March 1995. He was re-elected in 1999 and again in March 2003 securing an historic third four-year term. He retired from politics in 2005 after over 10 years as Premier.

During these 10 years the State Government set new records for spending on infrastructure, became the first government in the State’s history to retire debt, hosted the world’s best Olympics in 2000 and achieved the nation’s best school literacy levels. Forbes magazine called Bob Carr a “dragon slayer” for his landmark tort law reforms.

Bob Carr hasreceived the Fulbright Distinguished Fellow Award Scholarship. He has served as Honorary Scholar of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue. He is the author of Thoughtlines (2002), What Australia Means to Me (2003), and MyReading Life (2008).

Gary L. Sturgess, AM is an Adjunct Professor with the Australia and New ZealandSchool of Government (ANZSOG), based in Sydney, Australia, holding the New South Wales Premier’s ANZSOG Chair in Public Service Delivery at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales. He is also an Adjunct Professor with the Centre for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University, in Brisbane, Australia.

From 2003 to 2011, he was Executive Director of the Serco Institute, a London-based think tank specialising in the design and management of public service markets. He was previously Cabinet Secretary in New South Wales, Australia, under Premier Nick Greiner, during which time heintroduced a number of major policy initiatives including the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).