Thought Broker communicates policy and business concepts clearly. Our expertise lies in converting abstract, technical, scientific, academic and intellectual work into newsworthy content. We use this to reach our clients’ target audiences through channels that will best amplify their message and lend salience.

We work with media across the country in various rounds. We have strong, ongoing relationships with senior journalists and the editorial levels of the major metro dailies and serious thinking media.

Thought Broker provides communications strategies for both organisations and individuals. Our publicity services include:

  • Developing intelligent newsworthy content
  • Writing opinion pieces
  • Media releases
  • Arranging profiling interviews
  • Securing conference speaking engagements
  • Commissioning or writing research reports
  • Instigating meetings with opinion leaders
  • Building audiences for hosted networking events
  • Writing, editing and producing publications

Thought Broker specialises in connecting complex ideas with audiences in business, government and intellectual spheres.

Other Services