Can the internet rival the printing press as a tool for enlightenment and democratic change?

Loewenstein will discuss the increasingly powerful blogosphere, both here in Australia, and around the world. He will share his experiences travelling and researching bloggers in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and China writing despite and against repressive regimes – THE BLOGGING REVOLUTION

Blogs offered a window into mainly middle-class segments of societies rarely examined in the West. What does a Saudi Arabian male think about his country’s adherence to Wahhabism? How does the average China web user cope with multinational-assisted filtering? What is Cuba’s likely future after Fidel Castro?

The talk will be followed by an open forum discussion on the influence and implications of the increasingly powerful blogosphere in Australia and around the world.

About the speaker

Antony Loewenstein is a Sydney-based freelance journalist, author and blogger. His best-selling book on the Israel/Palestine conflict, My Israel Question, was released in 2006. He writes regularly for online magazines New Matilda and Crikey and is a board member of Macquarie University’s Centre for Middle East and North African Studies. He is an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University’s Department of Politics and International Relations. He is the co-founder of advocacy group Independent Australian Jewish Voices and contributed to Amnesty International Australia’s 2008 campaign about Chinese internet repression and the Beijing Olympic Games.