Dan Denning is Managing Editor of Port Phillip Publishing and in-house sage at investment bulletin The Daily Reckoning and resource newsletter Diggers and Drillers. He started his financial career the old fashioned way: on the ground floor. Dan founded and edited a private financial newsletter on small-capitalization stocks in 1998, leading over 35,000 subscribers to profits in dynamic new American companies during the height of the bull market. In 2000, he became the editor of Strategic Investment, the flagship publication of internationally known Agora Publishing. His high-level, macro-economic and stock market forecasts are read by more than 35,000 high-dollar investors and fund managers in over 70 countries. His reporting and analysis for The Daily Reckoning is read by more than 350,000 people regularly. Dan is also a regular columnist for Money Week, a London-based financial publication, and his 2005 book The Bull Hunter was a best-seller.

Rory Robertson is Macquarie Bank’s Interest-Rate Strategist responsible for analysing the Australian, US and global economies, with a particular focus on the monetary policies of the RBA, the Fed and other central banks. He has spent more than two decades in the business of watching economies and markets, previously holding positions at the RBA and BT Australia’s investment bank. In a decade and a half as a market forecaster, Rory has built his reputation as an authoritative central-bank watcher whose understanding of policy frameworks and economic fundamentals regularly generates useful insights on the outlook for interest rates, equity markets and exchange rates. Along the way, Rory has developed an expertise on housing markets. His famous 2008 peak-to-trough bet on house prices with doomsday economist Steve Keen ended with Dr Keen “legging it” about 230k from Canberra to Mt Kosciuszko in April this year, after house prices fell by only about 5% before rising to new highs (http://www.keenwalk.com.au). Rory’s strong view on house prices remains that the extremists – in both directions – will continue to be wrong.