Thought Broker takes an intelligent approach to communications. Our strategies enhance our clients’ reputations in the marketplace.

Our connections with commentators, researchers, think tanks, policymakers and the media help our clients to get their message out.

Thought Broker works with businesses to position their offerings in serious media and capture the attention of target audiences.

We work with professional associations to develop efficient and effective processes to support their advocacy and to ensure decision-makers hear their voices and to help them influence debate.

We also work with researchers, universities and publishers to broaden awareness of their output.

Our Team

Parnell Palme McGuinness

Parnell Palme McGuinness

Managing Director

Parnell is co-founder and now Managing Director of Thought Broker. She is an experienced communications strategist who has worked in advertising, communications, advocacy, policy and media relations for over 16 years. She specialises in professional services, associations and think tanks. She has solved complicated communications challenges for a wide range of clients, including management consultancies, tech companies, educational institutions and peak bodies. Parnell maintains strong connections with the media and is a regular media contributer.