Six Months of Panic: The Gobal Financial Crisis and the Zombies that Remain Among Us

Trevor Sykes’ recent book “Six Months of Panic” tracks how the Global Financial Crisis arose and its impact on Australia. Six Months of Panic details the collapses of such groups as ABC Learning, Allco, Babcock & Brown, Storm Financial, Opes Prime and many more.

As the 2012/13 financial year dawns, Sykes will discuss what went wrong – and point out the financial zombies that still walk among us.

About our speaker

Trevor Sykes is one Australia’s leading finance writers. In a journalistic career spanning more than half a century, he has been Editor of The Bulletin, Editor-in-Chief of Australian Business and Assistant Editor of The Australian Financial Review. He is also the creator of the Pierpont column in which he assumes the identity of a crusty old clubman who surveys the financial world and its scandals through the bottom of a brandy glass at the Croesus Club.

Mr Sykes is the author of the nail-biting Six Months of Panic (a roller coaster of a ride through the boom and bust that led to the ‘GFC’), The Money Miners (covering the Poseidon boom of 1969 – 70), Two Centuries of Panic, (a history of financial collapses since the arrival of the First Fleet), The Bold Riders (surveying the excesses of the 1980s) and Operation Dynasty (on Warwick Fairfax’s takeover of the Fairfax empire).